Finally we got it JUST RIGHT.

Optimizing the free stall ensuring cow comfort without compromising her positioning and product longevity.  A hybrid stall – a flexible stall with more steel.

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Which bed did Goldilocks choose? The one that was JUST RIGHT.

Finally cow comfort without cows backwards in stalls.

Injuries shorten average lifespan.

Traditional steel stalls are unforgiving, causing injuries and fear, reducing lying time.  This ultimately impacts cow longevity.

GreyFLEX Hybrid stalls are just right.

Flexible without compromise! It features a flexible neck rail, but definitely not floating.  The dividers, though flexible, remain quite rigid and certainly are not composed of rubber.

Some stall designs are just backwards.

Too much flexibility compromises a cow’s position.  This causes teat damage, dirty udders and high somatic cell count.

More Steel
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Our experience has show it could just be better!

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The extra steel means no more backwards cows!

Cow positioned properly in GreyFLEX hybrid stall

Cow properly positioned in GreyFLEX hybrid stall

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