Show your cows how much you care.

Flexible stabling that prevents injury and reduces fear, allowing cows to live naturally within the barn environment.

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More Comfort

More Comfort

GreyFLEX allows natural movement, as though she were on pasture.

Less Fear

Less Fear

Less fear of injury increases lying time and improves feed intake.

More Milk

More Milk

Extra lying time and ease of feeding equates to more milk from your cows.

GreyFLEX Manger Front

Milk is too valuable to not get it right!

Backward Stalls

Some stall designs are just backwards.

Too much flexibility can compromise a cow’s position.  Therefore this causes teat damage, dirty udders and an increase in somatic cell count.

Cow Injuries

Injuries make you ship cows for ground beef.

Traditional metal stalls are unforgiving, creating injuries or causing fear reducing lying time.  This ultimately impacts cow longevity.

Inferior Materials Cause Headaches

Inferior materials cause you headaches.

Poor materials from other brands result in failure at common points of flex or drooping unsightly stalls.

We don’t just care about equipment,
we care about cows…


GreyFLEX is flexible without compromise. It features a flexible neck rail, but definitely not floating. The dividers though flexible, remain quite rigid and certainly not composed of rubber.

Benefits to Cows

GreyFLEX stalls increase lying time. It reduces injury and sores, ultimately improving cow comfort and promotes her longevity. And we don’t need to tell you the benefits this has on milk production!

…and we care about farmers

Quality Materials

Superior fabrication from metal components all hot dip galvanized. Poly piping is made of a custom blended composition for the ultimate balance between flexibility and rigidity along with UV protection and thermal extremes performance.

Made in Canada

GreyFLEX is manufactured in Canada providing a reliable flexible stall that is readily available within the marketplace. Local warehousing allows for efficient order fulfillment, rather than lengthy delays customary to container imports.

GreyFLEX Products

GreyFLEX Flexible Free Stall

GreyFLEX Free Stall

Our flexible dairy free stall is designed to be better than the rest!  It can appear to be very simple, but details really matter to you, and even more to your cows.

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GreyFLEX Flexible Manger Front

GreyFLEX Manger Front

Our flexible manger front is designed to improve feed intake allowing natural and uninhibited movement, as though she were out on pasture.

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Valleykirk Farm

Valleykirk Farm

“That’s a @greyflexdairy flexible feed fence manger & we love it. It’s quiet & easy on the cows.”

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