Give them the freedom of pasture in your barn.

Hybrid stabling that works for you and your cows.

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Lying Times

Unintimidating stalls promote rest and rumination.

Feed Intake

Natural grazing posture increases feed intake.

Milk Production

Extra lying time and ease of feeding means more milk from your cows.

GreyFLEX Products

GreyFLEX Flexible Free Stall

GreyFLEX Hybrid Stall

Designed differently than the rest!
Built stronger. Stiffer. Better.

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GreyFLEX Manger Front

Improves feed intake by allowing natural and uninhibited movement, as though she were on pasture.

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GreyFLEX Manger Front

Valleykirk Farm

Valleykirk Farm

“That’s a @greyflexdairy flexible feed fence manger & we love it. It’s quiet & easy on the cows.”

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